April 4, 2018

Support Groups

Bereavement Support Groups: Many parishes, hospitals and community organizations offer support groups for you to participate in where you can gather together in community and gain strength and find solace from members of the group. These groups, special events and workshops with specific contact information are on our weekly listings below

Beginning Experience
This is a weekend experience designed for those of you who are grieving the loss of a loved one through separation, divorce or death. This peer experience is designed to help you bring closure to the past and provide support and hope as you move forward. Find out more here.

This well developed support program is offered in a limited number of parishes in our diocese for children experiencing loss through death or divorce. Rainbows has age appropriate programs for pre-school aged children through college aged students with a program designed for step-families. These available programs run by the parishes are listed on our website in both the bereavement and divorced and separated webpage.

Rainbows offers online training to become a program facilitator in your parish that can be completed in the convenience of your home.

Resource List for Bereavement Counseling-If you need the service of a professional therapist you may contact me and I will provide you with various names for you to contact directly. These individuals that will be given to you are not under the supervision employed by the Diocese of Rockville Centre.