July 22, 2012

Special Children with Autism

  • Bringing Children with Autism to God is a PowerPoint presentation by Joanne Capuano Sgambati, Ph.D.,BCBA Clinical/School Psychologist, The Genesis School for Autism.
  • Jennifer Elder has authored two illustrated books for children and families. In Autistic Planet, this picture book evokes a world that imaginatively incorporates some of the motor traits and sensory sensitivities that can make people with autism say they feel alien in human society. ISBN 13: 978-1843-10842-9. And, Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes describes historical figures of great achievement who she and others believe might have been somewhere on the vast spectrum of autism. ISBN-13: 978-1843108153.
  • www.friendship.org/AutismWebinar: This excellent webinar, “Autism & Children’s Ministry,” is produced by Friendship Ministries. You can watch it at your convenience.
  • www.fhautism.com: This is an excellent source for general information and educational materials for children with Autism.