March 18, 2024

Perinatal Bereavement Support Group

Life after the loss of a baby is never the same. We are here to support you one small step at a time.

A loss during the perinatal period is an incredibly difficult and isolating experience. We will be offering a Perinatal Bereavement Support Group starting Wednesday, April 3rd to provide a compassionate space where women and couples can find solace, understanding, and connection with others who have faced similar heartbreaking circumstances.

During these sessions, we will:

  1. Share your experience of loss in a supportive and empathetic environment.
  2. Provide a space for expressing grief, sadness, and any other emotions without judgment.
  3. Offer resources and coping strategies to navigate the complex journey of bereavement.
  4. Facilitate discussions on healing and finding hope amidst the pain.

This professional group will be facilitated by Caitlin Silverstein, LCSW, PMH-C. Caitlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in perinatal bereavement and maternal mental health at Passages.

In times of grief, it is crucial to know that you are not alone. We hope that this support group can offer a sense of community and comfort during this difficult journey.

To register, please call 631-941-1200 ext 21 or email

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