December 30, 2014

First Eucharist

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is the ritual, sacramental action of giving thanks and praise to the Father. Together we bring ourselves to the altar to share in the sacrificial memorial of Christ. As the symbolic gifts of bread and wine are brought to the altar – we give ourselves in love, and together become the Body of Christ.


Children’s preparation for first reception of the Eucharist begins in the home. Children who participate with their family in the Mass, experience the Eucharistic mystery in an initial way. Parents have the right and the duty to be involved in preparing their child for First Communion. Therefore, catechesis offered must also help parents grow in their own understanding and appreciation of the Eucharistic act of giving ourselves in love at the altar and truly becoming the Body of Christ. After receiving this sacrament we are sent forth to “be” the Body of Christ for others. Catechesis should be lifelong for all.

The Catechesis, through the Faith Formation Programs:

  • Teaches that the Eucharist is the living memorial of Christ’s sacrifice and a commemoration of his last meal with his apostles
  • Ensures the baptized have been prepared and received the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Develops an understanding of the Father’s love, of the sacrifice of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit
  • Teaches that the Holy Eucharist is the real body and blood of Christ
  • Teaches the meaning and the manner of receiving Christ’s Body and Blood.

Readiness for Reception of the Sacrament:

  • an understanding that there is a difference between the Eucharist and ordinary Bread;
  • a desire to take part actively with the people of God in the Eucharist and share fully at the Lord’s table
  • has been baptized and received the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Information from the National Directory for Catechesis #36, A3-3a