October 9, 2013

Blessings of Inclusion

by DRVC Website

I received two blessings this week, the first week  of Inclusion Awareness Month.  Sunday we prayed with Father Chris at St. John of God in Central Islip at our bilingual special needs mass.  We enjoyed being the recipients of the welcoming hospitality of Jesus-in two languages!  I realized during the liturgy that the Special Needs Masses are a gift to us all in the Church of Rockville Centre as people come together to pray, not only with those present at the liturgy, but also for those throughout the diocese with disabilities.

My second blessing came at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Lindenhurst where I met with Msgr. Joe, Father John, and the special needs committee there.  We first toured the church, looking for ways to better include those with disabilities, and then discussed those ways at the meeting.  How wonderful to see parishioners trying to break down barriers as the friends of the paralytic did in the time of Jesus.  It is good history repeating itself!

Another blessing came on October 12th.  Over seventy of us, abled and disabled,  celebrated our  being one flock  with Father Anthony  at St. Thomas More  in Hauppauge.  The organist composed music for us to “Come, follow the Lord,” and the cantor led us in song with his beautiful voice.  The generosity and hospitality of the “Ladies of the Kitchen,” is much appreciated, as is the kindness of Dottie and the service of Meghan and Daniel.

Kudos to you, pastors and parishioners throughout the diocese, who are filled with the spirit of inclusion!