December 20, 2012

Plan Your Family Naturally: An Introduction to NFP (DVD Trailer)

Join Natural Family Planning (NFP) educators Dr. Jennifer and Matthew DeMarco as they reveal one of the Catholic Church’s best kept secrets: an effective, simple, and natural approach to family planning. This is not the old-fashioned “rhythm method”!
Today’s NFP is almost 100% effective. It uses modern scientific techniques to determine when a woman is fertile or infertile, so married couples can achieve or safely postpone pregnancy. Working in harmony with nature, this approach removes any artificial barriers to the full, free, faithful, and fruitful union of sacramental marriage.

The DeMarcos are joined by Chris and Dan Volpe and Damon and Melanie Owens, married couples who share their own experience of discovering, learning, and living NFP. These couples give a heartfelt, real-life witness to its effectiveness, challenges, and many benefits—practical, relational, and spiritual—as they cooperate with God’s natural plan for married sexuality.