January 5, 2017

Boston College School Of Theology And Ministry Continuing Education Presents Encore – A Video Archive

A free video archive of over 100 titles searchable by author, date, or topic


Some of our most popular videos
* “Thomas Merton: A Prophet for our Times” by Colleen Griffith
* “Islam for Catholics 101” by Natana J. Delong-Bas
* “Who Are the Nones?” by Nancy Ammerman
* “Christ and the Pelican Chick” by Elizabeth Johnson C.S.J.
* “Reading the Hebrew Bible with Jesus” by Michael Simone S.J.
* “The Message of Mercy and Its Importance Today” by Walter Cardinal Kasper
A sample of our resource pages with video collections
• Evelyn Underhill Lectures in Christian Spirituality
• Carmelite Spirituality
• Ministry with Persons with Disabilities
What You Can Do With an Encore Video
• Discuss a presentation with a group of interested adults as a faith formation event
• Suggest several related presentations on your parish web site for Advent or Lent
• Clip a segment of a presentation and broadcast it through social media as a thought for the day
• Have your book club view a video for discussion instead of reading a book
• Use a segment of a talk to create conversation in a catechist training session
• Enjoy a presentation as part of your professional development
• Send a link of a talk that you liked to your catechists, colleagues, and/or friends

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