February 1, 2023

National Marriage Week 2023

The observances of National Marriage Week (February 7-14) and World Marriage Day (Sunday, February 12) are an opportunity to focus on building a culture of life and love that begins with supporting and promoting marriage and the family. Our theme for 2023 is  “Marriage…one flesh, given and received.”

Marriage Week Resources

This week, celebrate and enrich your marriage by taking some time each day to listen to the Word of God, meditate, reflect, and pray together. Every day, read and meditate on a passage from Scripture followed by a re-imagined story.

For Your Marriage – Marriage Week Resources

Spend a little dedicated time in prayer and reflection by participating in our seven-day at-home retreat focused on marriage.

Pray a rosary for married couples and families with us! Join us on the USCCB Facebook Page during National Marriage Week.

National Marriage Week offers helpful ideas for building up your own marriage, recommended reading, supporting marriage in the community, and much more. There’s also a listing of marriage-building events throughout the country.

Prayer for Married Couples

Fortifying Couples & Families Video Series

Made for Love episodes for National Marriage Week

Looking for more resources to strengthen your marriage or advice for dating and engaged couples? Visit the For Your Marriage website. En Español: Por Tu Matrimonio.

For more information visit usccb.org

Continuing Marriage Resources

All marriages can grow in knowledge, faith, joy, and love. Whether you are just starting out in marriage or have fifty years under your belt, the resources are available to strengthen your marriage all year round.

Listen to Marriage Unique for a Reason’s Made for Love Podcast, which tells the stories of real people living out the call to love. Here are some of our favorites episodes on marriage:

Take a look at our Daily Marriage Tips. Maybe you’ll find a new idea to strengthen your relationship.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter, provides numerous resources for celebrating World Marriage Day.