September 25, 2020

The Lazarus Bereavement Support Program at St. Rosalie’s Church

We have all suffered the loss of someone near and very dear to us. It may have been a spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend. Often our grief can be so devastating that we may feel completely lost and alone.

The Lazarus Bereavement Support Program is a nine-week program in which healing can begin. It provides members with an opportunity to understand grief in a way that rebuilds our identity and strengthens our faith in ourselves and in our Lord. Now in its sixth year, the Lazarus Bereavement Support Program helps members to understand that grief is experienced in each person differently,
and that it often takes a very long time for the pain to heal. Participants wi1l learn strategies for dealing with grief, and will receive (and give) valuable group support and fellowship throughout the healing process.

We invite all interested parties to call the Parish Center at ( 631) 728-9461.