May 3, 2020

How To Parents Can Connect To The Various Publishers

Our Sunday Visitor

Please find below two links will take you directly to all of the FREE sources that OSV is currently offering to parishes and their families.

These are definitely challenging times, and OSV is here to support and affirm parents in the Diocese of Rockville Centre in their role as Catholic parents!

We have always had a strong commitment to family catechesis and meeting people where they are, but specific to our response relating to COVID-19, we are happy provide the link below that will take you directly to all of our free online resources.

OSV Free At Home Digital Resources .


The Allelu! Show

Dr. Joseph White, one of the authors of Allelu (curriculum for PreK3-Kindergarten) has begun a new video series for early childhood and lower elementary students called, The Allelu Show . We invite you to share this with your families.

Here is the link:  The Allelu Show  

RCL Benzinger

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all of religious education into home learning programs. RCL Benziger is making its online resources to all Catholic parishes and schools as a way to ease the burden. Some of the below items are easily accessible while some other materials like e-books may require log-in codes. It is all free, so if you want something but need a required user name and pass code I am here to assist.

The RCL Benziger main website offers a variety resources:

Free Catholic Resources:  There are great prayers, activities for Lent, Easter and lessons for Laudato si

Both of our religion programs for both parish and schools offer at home opportunities

Be My Disciples – Print Resources

  • At Home Family Guide – families can teach lessons at home
  • Our Family Prays – family prayers
  • Our Family Gathers – prayer and activities from around the globe
  • Our Family Faith Resource Guide for Family Catechesis

Be My Disciples – Digital Resources

  • Flourish (on line gate way to digital resources) with access to
    • eBooks for children
    • eBooks for Catechists/Teachers
    • Chapter Activities
    • Music
    • Lectionary Resources
    • eAssessments (Cohesive Assessment System)
    • Teacher/catechist videos
    • Our Family Gathers
    • Our Family Faith Resource Guide for Family Catechesis
    • Much more

We continue to have the website for Be My Disciples – games, prayers, activities, etc.

Family Life – Digital Resources

  • Teacher eBooks
  • Student Books
  • Parent Connection
  • Resources
  • Assessment

Blest Are We Faith in Action – Print Resources

  • Family Resource – families can teach/share the chapter lessons at home
  • Take Home – review and activities for each chapter
  • Our Family Prays
  • Our Family Gathers
  • Our Family Faith Resource Guide for Family Catechesis


Blest Are We Faith in Action – Digital Resources

Flourish access to:

  • eBooks for children
  • eBooks for Catechists/Teachers
  • Chapter Activities
  • Music
  • Lectionary Resources
  • eAssessments (Cohesive Assessment System)
  • Teacher/catechist videos
  • Our Family Gathers
  • Our Family Resource Guide for Family Catechesis
  • much more

We still have the Blest Are We website – games, study guides for Blest Are We Faith and Word

And don’t forget Echoes of Faith Emmaus is available for Catechists and Teachers for either their formation needs or for a wonderful review from the comfort and safety of their homes


Pflaum understands that many parishes and schools have chosen to cancel in-person classes due to developments arising from the coronavirus COVID-19.In light of the challenge this poses, we are offering digital versions of the Unit 4 student lessons (English and Spanish) to all Pflaum Gospel Weeklies customers. This gives you the ability to:

  • download each week’s lessons that you can email to parents
  • give parents access to the site using your password so that they can print the lessons at home—please see this link for options how to share a login with your families.

Lessons and Teaching Guide PDFs are available below for our customers by level.
How Parents Can Teach Pflaum Gospel Weeklies at Home During COVID-19 Parish and School Closures (please share this video with families) [click here]

Información para padres: Cómo enseñar los Pflaum Gospel Weeklies en casa durante el cierre de parroquias y escuelas por el COVID-19

(This is the Spanish video for how parents can teach the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies at home during COVID-19 Closures)

Loyola Press

From all of us at Loyola Press, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the COVID-19 virus. As a Catholic publisher, our mission is to provide you with the resources you need to facilitate transformative experiences of God for the children and families you serve.
In light of the current situation, we would like to remind you that as a Finding God customer, you have numerous, free, at-home family resources available, including at-home, parent-led lesson plans.
We understand that interruptions in faith formation due to unanticipated events such as school or parish closures can impact children’s spiritual development as well as their need for stability and consistency. Our resources can help children stay engaged in their faith journey, provide them valuable learning experiences, and offer continuity in Christ during this challenging time.

Parents can always access at-home resources at

  • At-Home Editions: These guides allow parents to conduct catechesis with their children in the home. For families with children in multiple grades using Finding God, utilize this Parent Quick Guide.
  • Interactive Session Reviews: Session reviews allow children, parents, and instructors to gauge learning objectives. Results can be emailed to a teacher or catechist along with student questions.
  • Study Guides: Single page study guides outline important faith topics in each session.
  • Raising Faith-Filled Kids: For parents who may not have the time or confidence to teach a full lesson, this resource provides background on the session and encourages parents to discuss faith topics with their children.