March 19, 2020

USCCB Educators And Youth Leaders Lesson Plans

Those called to serve as Catholic educators and leaders of youth serve a vitally important purpose in the Church and the lives of children as they determine their life’s direction. These videos, lesson plans and resources may help you to inspire a vocation to the priesthood or to the consecrated life! These are excellent tools for catechists and faith-formation teachers, for those working with our youth and anyone in a position to inspire the children entrusted to them and to uplift them in their vocations.

Lesson Plans

Here you will find access to resources which can help your students develop an openness to a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life. Their receptivity might begin with you! These lesson plans (which you can download) and links are informative, inspirational and insightful.

With vocational materials such as these, you can be a tremendous influence in their young lives as they consider a religious or priestly calling from God.

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Best Practices and Resources

This section features a variety of age appropriate, fun, interactive activities, printable crafts, coloring pages and more. You will find new ideas showing you how to connect with young people about priestly vocations and consecrated religious life and other spiritual topics in a fun and engaging manner.

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University and Young Adult Ministry

Young adults and university students are shaping their lives for the future.While nothing replaces the witness of a priest or consecrated person at the parish or Neuman Center, these resources may help their formation in the Faith and guide them to consider God’s plan for their lives.

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