March 16, 2020

Our Sunday Visitor Digital Resources

Alive in Christ Parish Digital Books and Home Lesson Plans

You can access the digital books by going to the Student & Family Tab of AIC (

Please note: If you’d like the children to complete the e-assessments, you will need to provide an email address, username and password. Simply add that information to the final section of the Word document. If you DO NOT want parents to have their children complete e-assessments, then that section could be deleted.

Please download the Word or PDF documents for links and passwords.

Alive in Christ (grades 1-8) parish flipbooks and lessons at home

Alive in Christ (grades 1-8) school flipbooks and home lessons

Vivos en Cristo (grades 1-6) flipbooks and lessons at home

For Leaders: Alive in Christ: Summer Program with Family Gathered

Alive in Christ, OSV offers you a straightforward, easy to use way to combine a Summer Program of age-specific sessions with whole family experiences throughout the year.

Encounter with Christ or Encuentro con Cristo

This resource allows parents to continue providing excellent sacrament preparation for their children.

Please download the Word or PDF documents for links and passwords.

Encounter with Christ / Encuentro con Cristo (sacrament prep) flipbooks and parent guides

Alive in Christ (Vivos en Cristo), Encounter with Christ (Encuentro con Cristo), and Further Digital Resources List

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