March 18, 2020

Use traditional Lenten practices amid Coronavirus

As many parishes, schools and communities limit public gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we can use this time as an opportunity to lean more deeply into Lent. We are about halfway through the season—spend time with God and with your family reflecting on your Lenten journey so far

Right now, we can especially appreciate the importance of sharing a meal in our homes with loved ones. Gathered together around a table, food nourishes us in so many ways. We need food to be successful at work or school, to grow and simply to function each day. But not everyone has access to enough nutritious food to do that. Yvone, Maria Ana and Trinh know the importance of daily meals—it means they can pay attention in class, have energy to do homework and chores, and stay healthy.

Jesus also emphasized the importance of food in his ministry. He often broke bread with his disciples and shared meals with the crowds who followed him. What is the role of food in your life, and how does it connect you with others?