January 29, 2020

STEP Courses $20 off beginning February 24

STEP at the University of Notre Dame began in 1999 as the Satellite Theological Education Program. We use digital technology to offer theological education to pastoral ministers and other adult Catholics across the United States and beyond. We are part of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life, which serves the University’s larger mission of teaching, research, and service to society and to the Church.

Our staff members work with Notre Dame professors and other highly qualified instructors to assemble lectures, readings, and supporting materials for Web-based courses. We train and coordinate facilitators, who in turn guide STEP students as they interact with each other and with Notre Dame’s online learning environment.

What are Participants Saying about Courses?

STEP and Camino continue to grow and serve more and more Catholics across the country and around the world. Participation in our October course session more than doubled from 2015 to 2016. Course evaluations show over 96% of our participants would recommend a STEP or Camino course to a friend.
Here are a few comments from recent course participants:
“This is my first course and I was impressed with the organization and implementation of the material. The STEP program administration was excellent.”
“Dr. Cavadini sharing his lectures added a dimension that I had never seen in 29 STEP classes. The value gained was immeasurable. Thank you.”

NEW COURSE- Pro-Life Ethics in a Throwaway Culture

This new course challenges participants to set aside political agendas and ideologies in an effort to view all issues through the application of a consistent ethic of life. It introduces participants to the concept of a throw-away culture and provides a framework that allows connections to be made between various life issues and the consistent cultural commodification of others. It stimulates the critical analysis of a myriad of moral issues that range from reproductive biotechnology to state sponsored violence. Learn more and register!


Courses begin February 24

24 de febrero 2020             


$20 OFF

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To celebrate STEP’s 20th Anniversary, use the $20 discount code that’s valid on a single course in the February session!

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