January 15, 2019

Bond of Brothers in Grief

“Remember, each man is like all other men, each man is like some other men, and it is also true that each man is like no other man. (Gordon Allport)”

If you are a man who has suffered a recent loss, or a not so recent loss that still disheartens your life, please consider joining a group of fellow grievers.  For in this support group resides real cohesion and consequently its strength to help human beings from falling into isolation. The bereavement support group is a non-denominational gathering that breathes in a spirit of caritas and can help lighten your burden.  It is within your reach to climb out of your distress with the help of others, while doing the same for them.

“Bond of Brothers in Grief” will meet on Monday nights

St Pius X Church, 1 St Pius Ct, Plainview, NY 11803 (map)
Madonna Hall Classroom#1. 
Pre Registration is required—NO FEE.  Registration is open to all grieving men.

To join, call the St Pius X rectory #516-938-3956   or email to ericbishop1@gmail.com