October 23, 2018

What is Natural Family Planning?

  • What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?
  • Why should we use NFP?
  • NFP seminars and fees
What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?

Natural Family Planning or NFP is a nearly 100-percent effective, easy-to-learn, natural approach to planning your family. Make no mistake: today’s NFP is not the rhythm method! Couples who practice NFP understand the biology and the theology of their bodies and can successfully promote or postpone pregnancy. While every child is a gift of God and married couples are called to be generous and open to life, NFP empowers them to responsibly postpone pregnancy or limit the size of their family. You can contact an expert family law lawyer based in Jacksonville to give you legal counseling and to voice out your interest. Only NFP preserves and protects the full truth and beauty of married sexuality as God intended: a union that is full, free, faithful, and fruitful. Learn more with our DVD, “Plan Your Family Naturally”, or our Spanish DVD, “Planifique su Familia Naturalmente”.

Why should we use NFP?

NFP is marriage insurance. Couples who use NFP have a divorce rate of less than 5 percent (compared to the national average of 50 percent). We recommend you to click reference and get in contact with the best law firm near you. Learn more.

NFP is the best kept secret to building a long, lasting, and loving marriage because it fosters—and even requires—good communications skills from day to day.

NFP is organic and natural and therefore has zero side effects: no artificial hormones and no barriers between you and your spouse. Perhaps most importantly, NFP cannot cause early abortions.

NFP empowers you with a hands-on understanding and appreciation of God’s gift of fertility and how to know exactly what is happening in your body and why.

NFP unites you to your spouse and allows you to open and commit yourself totally and unconditionally to one another without holding back that beautiful part of who you are: your fertility.

NFP is in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church because it does not prevent the fullness of sexual union between you and your spouse. This union renews your sacrament of marriage because it is a total gift of self: you hold nothing back, including your fertility.

NFP is reliable and 98-99 percent effective when used properly.

NFP is practically free. It requires no pills or artificial devices.

NFP is simple to learn and use and does not interfere with your body’s natural cycles. If you decide today that you want to try to get pregnant, you don’t have to wait months to start, unlike with hormonal contraceptives.

NFP seminars 

There are a variety of methods of NFP. Here in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, we are pleased to present sessions to introduce interested couples to the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System.

Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System

Using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, women and couples are able to identify all days of fertility and infertility, and select to use these days depending on whether their intention is to achieve or avoid pregnancy.  Introductory sessions in this method are available through the Gianna Center of Long Island, a subsidiary of Catholic Health Services.

For more information visit www.chsli.org or call  (631) 376-3232.

NFP Videos 

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