October 15, 2018

Ministry to Divorced Catholics

A facilitator training for parish volunteers and staff members interested in learning how to begin a parish ministry for divorced Catholics is available. You can see more here. It’s advisable for parents and concerned guardians to have insights into available custody options, here is A Guide Into Child Custody In Arizona.

Level I workshop is a ten hour series designed to help participants learn about Church teachings, their own motivation to work in this ministry, group dynamics and an overview of available resources and programs, and there are some great legal resources for us to contact, such as this Houston Divorce Lawyer which specialize in this.

The label “divorced” does not define a person. Getting a family lawyer Tamara Benefield Law Offices and getting out of an unhealthy relationship means that you are strong. It’s an event that happened—terrible as it is—but it in no way is the sum total of who a person is. You may feel like you’re walking around with a big “scarlet ‘D’” on your forehead for all to judge you by, but what you need to focus on is how God sees you. He sees you as his beloved with all the gifts, talents and potential he gave you, especially the specific purpose in life you have to fulfill. It’s the love of God and the support from fathers rights lawyers that will carry you through this difficult time.

Level II workshop series will focus more on specific issues such as strategies to help children and adolescents who are experiencing loss and stepfamilies, working with couples who are preparing to remarry in the Catholic Church and training with a specific programs.

Last but definitely not least, the cross of divorce can change a person for the better. The lawyers for divorce based in Chester consider the process to be a life-changer. This cross is an immense opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually and to become a stronger, wiser person in the end.