May 11, 2018

CRS Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

It’s finally May! Just in time to share the warmth of the sun—and the special gift of mothers in our lives. As you know, CRS is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year and this month, our featured stories at invite you to celebrate mothers we encounter around the world.

Many of us consider our own mothers to be saints, but CRS was privileged to work closely with one recognized by the Church. Learn about our special relationship with Mother Teresa and how CRS helped bring her to the United States for the first time. Witness the power of a mother’s love through a video about a Syrian refugee mother of five making a home for her family on a rooftop in Lebanon. And feel the love from our Mother Church flow to mothers and children in need around the world.

Finally, in our Behind the Story podcast series, hear reflections from our first woman CEO, Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo, on the remarkable friendship of three of The Women Who Inspire Us from our history—Mother Teresa, Eileen Egan and Dorothy Day—and the role of women in the Church, then and now.

We wish each of the mothers among you and all of the special women in your lives a blessed Mother’s Day. Thank you for all you do make this a more just and peaceful world.

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