March 15, 2017

Facilitator Training Workshops

Bereavement Facilitator Training Workshops

Workshops are offered to train parish volunteers and staff members in Bereavement Ministry.

Level I is a ten-hour series that addresses topics such as the role of the bereavement facilitator, listening skills, types of grief, and how to form a group.

Level II is also a ten-hour workshop series that addresses topics such as specific areas of grief, resources, and challenges that arise in support groups.

This training is also available for pastoral and hospital bereavement teams.

We are currently not offering any facilitator training workshops, please check with your local parish.


Ministry of Consolation Facilitator Training

The Office of Faith Formation offers Ministry of Consolation Courses to assist parish volunteers for this.

Ministry of Consolation (Level I) is a ten-hour course to provide a foundation for understanding the general principles of the Order of Christian funerals as well as preparing the volunteer in how to prepare wake services, give ongoing support to the family, and how to participate during the funeral liturgy.

Ministry of Consolation II (Level II) is a follow-up ten-hour course that builds on the foundation of the Level I course. Topics include instruction on liturgical issues, multicultural concerns, and specific ministerial skills.

We are currently not offering any facilitator training workshops.