October 21, 2016

Religious Liberty

Catholics for Freedom of Religion, founded in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, is dedicated to educating faithful Americans of every age about the religious freedom guaranteed to all. Visit us at www.cffor.org

* Students do not leave their religious freedoms at the doors of our public schools. Too often students are denied the freedom, which is their right, to express their religious beliefs in school…before, during and after the school day.

* In many Long Island school districts students have been told they cannot write about their belief in Jesus, cannot pray the rosary before their lunch, cannot start a Christian Club, cannot sing traditional Christmas songs, etc.

* The “Free to Speak” pamphlet and explanatory flyer will clarify to students and their parents the U.S. Dept. of Education’s guidelines to religious freedom in public schools. Students can live their faith in school knowing their expression of faith, within the “Free to Speak” guidelines, is guaranteed by the Constitution.

All information regarding these contests has been supplied to every Parish Religious Education Program and all Catholic Schools within our diocese.

Be sure to check out all the ways Religious Liberty can be integrated with the Religious Education of our children!

If you wish to arrange a presentation for a group of students and/or adults in your parish please contact: parishleaders@yahoo.com

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