May 28, 2016

University of Dayton: Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF)  is an online learning initiative through the University of Dayton. Online courses for adults are offered in the area of Scripture, leadership, catechist formation, Christology, church history and doctrine and more.

Courses are 3-5 weeks in duration. The Diocese of Rockville Centre is a partner in this formational initiative which means that you can receive a reduced rate for courses.


University of Dayton Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

The Institute for Pastoral Initiatives mobilizes the resources of the University of Dayton for partnerships with the Church that create and implement innovative pastoral initiatives designed to meet the needs of the Church and to articulate faith within the context of contemporary culture.


Resources for Inclusive Catechesis: The Institute for Pastoral Initiatives serves as a support network and resource to individuals with disabilities and their families by providing DVDs and print resources, consultations, and networking opportunities.

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation: A growing initiative to offer adult religious education and faith formation anytime and anywhere via the internet.

The Forum for Young Catechetical Leaders: A two-year program for students of the University of Dayton. The goal is to prepare students to become outstanding catechists or religion teachers.

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