December 30, 2015

DVD: Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church

Join Rev. Nick Zientarski as he unpacks the true meaning of the Catholic sacrament of baptism. More than a one-time joyous celebration, baptizing your child is a commitment to a new life of faith, prayer, and service for your whole family in the Catholic Church. Fr. Nick explains what every parent needs to know, from the role of godparents and the profession of faith to the exorcism and the importance of ongoing faith formation. He is joined by three families, the Pierres, Quintinillas, and Simons, who share their own real-life joys and challenges of living out the grace of baptism at home in their domestic church and in their local parish communities. Running time: 27:00.

This DVD answers such questions as:

• What is baptism?
• How should we prepare to baptize our child?
• How do we choose godparents?
• What does our own faith have to do with it?
• What are we committing to in baptism?
• Why is faith formation a life-long process?