October 14, 2014

Special Needs Level 1 & 2 Certificate

In order to qualify for a Certificate from the Office of Faith Formation: Ministry with Persons with Special Needs, select 10 hours from Level 1 offerings

Workshops for Beginning Catechists (10 hours)

Advocates: Working towards the Inclusion of Persons with Special Needs (2 hours)

Asperger Syndrome and PPD:  Meeting the Challenges in Faith Formation (2 hours)

Engaging Children with Autism and other Special Needs (2 hours)

Including Children with Special Needs in Faith Formation (2 Hours)

Sacramental Preparation for Special Children (2 hours)

The following Level 2 workshops are open to anyone who works with persons with special needs, even if they are not pursuing a Certificate in this area.  The courses include 10 hours of work, 5 sessions of 2 hours each.

God’s Call to Persons with Disabilities:                                     Old Testament Seekers

                                                                                                                        Fulfillment in Jesus

                                                                                                           The Early Church: Peter and Paul

Modern Day Quest for Inclusion:                                       Jeanne Vanier and Henri Nouwen

                                                                                                              The Documents of Vatican 2

Post Vatican Statements:                                               The Pastoral Statements of the USCCB

Practical Implications for Inclusion in Parish Life and Worship: 

Advocacy and Architecture

Practical Implications for Inclusion in Sacramental Life:

Children with Special Needs