September 17, 2014

Certificate of Completion for Religious Education

In any parish there is a great need for people to be involved in the Religious Education Program . This involvement can be in many areas including hall monitors, safety people in the parking lots and at doors, clerical assistance and as a Catechist.

Catechists are disciples who wish to share their faith and the stories and practices of this Roman Catholic faith with the next generation. This is an invaluable participation that many are involved in. As a Catechist you will need to have some instruction and guidance.

To begin as a Catechist you would need  a Level I training session for a total of ten hours. This includes: Parish administered trainings such as Echoing the Word from the Centre, Echoes of Faith (RCL), and also online training such as Dayton Virtual Learning, C21 Online (Boston College), etc.

As you continue in your work as a Catechist you will be looking for better ways to guide the young students along their faith journey.  Level  II  – total of  20 hours needed.  Workshops are   5 – 10 hours each and are offered throughout the year. Some of these workshops include (but are not limited to):

  •  RCIA for children
  • Liturgical  events and programs for the Liturgical Seasons: Advent, Lent, Ordinary Time, Pentecost, Easter, Christmas
  • Creative Catechesis
  • Liturgy with Children
  • Sacraments
  • Catholic Social Teaching for Religious Education Program
  • Models for Catechizing children and families: Master Catechist, Family Catechesis, Intergenerational Catechesis