May 23, 2014

Engaging Children with Autism

by DRVC Website

Catechetical leaders and catechists  enjoyed the Workshop:  Engaging Children with Autism and Other Special Needs in Faith Formation presented at St. John Nepomucene.  (We gratefully thank the parish for their hospitality!)  Kathy Russell-Sica kept us engaged in her presentation, as she showed us methods and  materials to engage the children in our programs.  Ed Nitkewicz, Esq.  gave us some insight into the challenges of raising a teenager with Autism.  I will keep in mind the picture of Ed dancing with his son, along with a “snapshot” of me swirling my son, Danny, around the dance floor.  Those moments, as Ed suggested,  do bring us parents great joy!  They also show us what is truly important on this journey we call life.

Please watch the calendar to see when  similar workshops will be offered.