June 28, 2013

If the Pope Can … We All Can Too

by DRVC Website

Pope Francis invited a young man, Alberto di Tullio, to take a spin in his chair on the Pope Mobile.  Did Pope Francis notice the Argentine national soccer jersey Alberto was wearing?  Probably, but it is also most likely that he realized that Alberto had Down syndrome.  He gave the young man, and his family, the thrill of a lifetime, when he embraced the teen and invited him up to sit in his chair.  We do that when we welcome persons with disabilities into our lives, into our worshiping communities.  This was not a PR moment.  It was a valuable lesson in inclusion.  The Pope sees with the eyes of Jesus, eyes that focus on the person, not the disability… eyes that see who we are, not how much money we have or what we can accomplish.  Can we, as individuals and as Church, follow the example of Jesus, of Francis, and do likewise???  Let us hope that our answer is a resounding, “Yes!”