June 12, 2013

Back from Lake Placid

by Web Master

We – Sr. Mary Alice Piil, CSJ, Estelle Peck, Kathy Logan, Ellen Zafonte, and John Romanowsky  – were able to attend the annual NY State Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education and Staff on June 10-11 in Lake Placid. It was well worth the long trip in the rain: the keynote speaker at our upcoming Catechetical Congress, Msgr. John Hurley was there and gave an excellent presentation, “Our Call as Disciples and Leaders in the New Evangelization.” We are happy to confirm that he was an excellent choice for the Congress’s keynote talk, offering us many challenging insights and hopeful wisdom for the path ahead.

Estelle Kathy Ellen Lake Placid

John Osman, a Catechist and Computer Scientist from Washington, DC, followed with a comprehensive, informative talk on “Evangelization and Social Media” that was equally challenging, calling catechists to embrace the strange new world of the “new media” revolution.

Both talks were invaluable opportunities for our staff to learn more and reflect together on two of the five main sections of the document, The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium, the sections on Evangelization and Technology. They are two areas in which there is room to grow for each of us.

Lake Placid sm

If you are a Catechetical Leader in our diocese, be sure to join our discussion group about this important document on our professional network. Please contact John Romanowsky for details about how to join.

We will be working hard to pass along what we have learned to all of our Catechetical Leaders.