December 23, 2012

Parish Advocacy

The Parish Advocate for Persons with Special Needs serves as a liaison between persons with special needs and the pastoral staff, and between the parish and the diocesan Ministry with Persons with Special Needs. The Advocate assists the parish in assessing needs and in advocating to meet those needs. The Advocate acts to ensure that all are invited to share in the life of the parish, and to participate fully in liturgical celebrations. One way of doing this is through the establishment of an Inclusion Ministry where the gifts of each member, abled and disabled, are shared as they journey together, in establishing the Kingdom of God among us. Another way might be the development of inclusive prayer experiences on the parish level.

The Ministry with Persons with Special Needs will offer practical assistance aimed at facilitating the development of a Ministry of Inclusion on the local parish level. If your parish already has an Advocate, please send his or her name and contact information to If not, please accept this as an invitation to find an Advocate for persons with special needs in your parish.