July 21, 2012

Webinar sponsored by NCPD

“Symbolic Catechesis and Other Tools in Catechetical Ministry for People with Disabilities” Webinar sponsored by NCPD may still be be viewed free of charge along with other resource materials available in The ToolBox, in both PDF and Word, and can be accessed below or online though the NCPD website here.

 Access and Inclusion  Word  PDF
 Bibliography  Word  PDF
 Blind and Low Vision Tips  Word  PDF
 Deaf-Hard of Hearing Tips  Word  PDF
 Diocese of Orange Programming Forms  Word  PDF
 Individualized Religious Education Program Form  Word  PDF
 Intro to the Environment  Word  PDF
 Nosotros Vamos a la Misa  Word  PDF
 Models for Religious Education  Word  PDF
 Religious Formation and Later Childhood  Word  PDF
 The Bible in the Prayer Corner  Word  PDF
 The Objectivity of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Articles  Word  PDF
 The Prayer Area  Word  PDF
 The Silence Activity  Word  PDF
 We Go To Mass  PDF
 We Go to MASS Book  PDF
 This is My Church (PowerPoint) PowerPoint