July 2, 2012

Curé of Ars, Merrick

Curé of Ars Parish
2323 Merrick Avenue
Merrick, NY 11556
Phone: (516) 223-3878

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Meadowbrook Parkway

  1. Take Meadowbrook Parkway to Exit on Route 27 East (Sunrise Highway).
  2. Go two traffic lights to Merrick Avenue (opposite train station). Make a Right onto Merrick Avenue.
  3. At Second Block, Church will be on your Left.
  4. Pass Parish Buildings to enter Parking Lot. Go all the way to back. Park near the School and enter the door near the sign Parish Outreach and Religious Education.

Wantagh Parkway

  1. Take Wantagh Parkway to Exit 27 West (Sunrise Highway).
  2. Go about 2 Miles (8 traffic lights) to Merrick Avenue.
  3. Make a Left onto Merrick Avenue and follow above directions.

Northern State Parkway or Southern State Parkway

  1. From Northern State Parkway to (Exit 31A) or from Southern State Parkway (Exit 22) to Meadowbrook Parkway South to Sunrise Highway East (Exit M8).
  2. Make a Right at Second Light (Merrick Avenue).
  3. The Church will be on the Left Side (1½) blocks south of Sunrise Highway.
  4. Parking in rear of Church.

Eastbound Long Island Expressway

  1. Take Long Island Expressway to Exit 38, which takes you to Northern State Parkway.
  2. Follow Directions Above

[Note: Curé of Ars is located between Sunrise Highway and Merrick Road]