June 13, 2012

Marriage Facilitators: Online Courses

FOCCUS The FOCCUS website offers information about the online training and registration process to become a FOCCUS facilitator for your parish. This online training takes approximately four hours to complete. The cost of the training session is $100.

Sacrament of Marriage: A Holy CallingThis five week course is offered through the University of Dayton. In this engaging five week course you will be invited to explore, research, read and pray about the covenantal relationship between God and a married couple.

Online Diocesan Marriage Facilitator Training. This interactive online training is designed to broaden both the new or experienced marriage facilitator’s understanding of marriage in the Catholic tradition as well as explore specific components of a marriage preparation  program in accordance with the Diocesan Marriage Preparation Policy (2008).  It has been intended for parish in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Please contact us for more details.