March 11, 2012

PFI Alumni Census

In the past the founders of our Alumni Association brought the light of P.F.I. to us through a variety of wonderful events, weekends, and days of prayer.  All of us, whose lives have been transformed by the P.F.I. experience, appreciate the profound effect it has had upon our lives. At the very heart of PFI’s mission is the hope that others will respond to the call to join PFI so they too can know this life-altering experience. The Alumni Association is truly at the heart of this mission.

In order for our Alumni Association  and for the present program to grow and shine forth, we need your assistance. Please help us to update our records, particularly with your email addresses. If you have moved, please verify the parish with which you are now connected.

Remember, you are our assets!  We need your input.  We need your suggestions.  We need your support.