March 20, 2018

Certificate of Completion in Ministry for Parish Volunteers

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The Office of Faith Formation offers many opportunities for ongoing training and formation for those called to evangelize and catechize through a variety of ministries.  Following is an overview of the ministries in which workshops are offered:

Adult Faith Formation (info)

  • Understanding the uniqueness of  faith formation of adults
  • Developing methods/techniques specific to the adult learner
  • Forming catechists for adult faith formation ministries
  • Discovering resources for adult faith formation
  • Developing parish programs for adult faith formation
  • Forming an adult faith formation team


Baptism Preparation (info)

  • Understanding the Sacrament of Baptism
  • Understanding the Rite of Baptism
  • Key elements for every Baptism Prep Program
  • The important role of parents and godparents beyond the day of the Baptism
  • Forming a Baptism prep team


Religious Education for Children (info)

  • Understanding the role of the catechist
  • Developing methods/techniques for catechesis for children
  • Understanding individual topics
  • Developing prayer techniques with children


Special Needs Ministry (info)

  • Understanding those with special needs
  • Developing methods/techniques for catechesis to those with special needs
  • Understanding advocacy issues for those with special needs


RCIA (info)

  • Understanding the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
  • Understanding the importance of catechesis as part of the RCIA process
  • Understanding how to catechize to the adult learner
  • Forming a parish RCIA team


Marriage Preparation (info)

  • Understanding the Sacrament of Marriage
  • Understanding the Rite of Matrimony
  • Developing talks and techniques to cover the key elements for every marriage prep program
  • Developing an understanding and developing the ability to share the beauty and the benefits of NFP – Natural Family Planning
  • Training in the FOCCUS Inventory tool
  • Forming a parish marriage prep team


Liturgy (info)

  • Understanding the principles of liturgies
  • Connecting liturgies to catechesis
  • Preparing weekly and special liturgies
  • Forming a parish liturgy team

Bereavement Ministry (info)

  • Understanding the role of the Bereavement Facilitator
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Understanding the various types of grief
  • Forming a parish bereavement group


Ministry of Consolation (info)

  • Understanding the Order of Christian Funerals
  • Helping families plan the Funeral Liturgy
  • Dealing with liturgical issues that may arise
  • Being companions with loved ones of deceased
  • Forming a parish ministry of consolation team


Ministry to Divorced and Separated Catholics (info)

  • Understanding the role of a facilitator in a ministry to the divorced and separated
  • Developing listening skills
  • Understanding the various personal and family dynamics associated with divorce and separation
  • Understanding the basics of annulments
  • >Forming a parish group to minister to the divorced and separated


Ministry to the Sick (info)

  • Understanding the theology of ministry to the sick and the ministry of accompaniment
  • Understanding the meaning of being called
  • Developing the skills to serve
  • Discerning the call
  • Understanding the sacramental nature of visiting the sick
  • Understanding the unique roles of parish and hospital ministry
  • Integrating theory and practice of the ministry to the sick


Ministry of Accompaniment (info)

  • Understanding the theology of ministry to the sick and the ministry of accompaniment
  • Understanding the meaning of being called
  • Developing the skills to serve
  • Discerning the call
  • Understanding the sacramental nature of accompaniment
  • Continuing the development of skills to serve
  • Integrating the theory and practice of the ministry of accompaniment


Respect Life Ministry (info)

  • Understanding the message of the Gospel Of  Life, focusing on the respect and dignity of the human person from the moment of conception to natural death
  • Understanding the basics of the respect life ministry and its history
  • Forming a pastoral plan for Prolife activities in parish life
  • Education
  • Care and Services
  • Advocacy
  • Prayer

Requirements for Certificate of Completion for Parish Volunteers

Certificates of Completion are granted for each specific ministry to those individuals who complete the following requirements:

  1. Completion of the Basic Religious Studies Certificate or PFI – School of Missionary Disciples
  2. Three (3) years of active service in that particular ministry.
  3. Two levels of training are offered in each of the ministries. Applicants must complete both a Level 1 and Level 2 course in a specific ministry.
  4. Servant Leadership Course for Parish Ministry

The above requirements may be completed in any order.

Even if not currently pursuing the Certificate of Completion, all are invited to participate in a particular workshop for their own development in a particular parish ministry.

Application Process

Once you have fulfilled the four (4) requirements for a Certificate of Completion, please complete and submit an application form, which can be here.
Forms can be submitted either online or in hard copy form. The Office of Faith Formation will review your application and follow up with you. A separate application is required for each ministry certificate.
While applications may be submitted at any time, Certificates of Completion are awarded annually, usually at a June ceremony.

 Forms and Applications

Certificate of Completion Online Application-  online Certificate of Completion Application. You will need to fill out a separate application for each ministry certificate.

Certificate of Completion Form (Download)- Please forward to the appropriate Office of Faith Formation staff member.

Certificate of Completion Brochure – view or download