June 19, 2015

Marriage Preparation Facilitator Training

In marriage preparation ministry, married couples help engaged couples prepare to celebrate and live out their sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church.

From their initial meeting with a priest or deacon to participating in a marriage preparation session, the entire marriage preparation process gives engaged couples a deeper understanding of marriage as sacrament. As a current or future marriage facilitator, you are a living witness to the sacrament of marriage as a holy vocation from God, a vocation that is lived out each day in the ordinary circumstances of life.

Marriage ministry requires the commitment of your time, presence, and enthusiasm, so that you may share your own hard-won wisdom and experience with engaged couples and address important topics such as the spirituality of marriage and family, natural family planning, communication, and conflict management.

We offer facilitator training workshops to help you prepare to become a marriage preparation facilitator.

Level I workshops include an overview of  marriage ministry, understanding of church teachings on marriage and specific training on how to present the important and necessary topics listed above.

Level II workshops include FOCCUS facilitator training, NFP seminar and various workshops to develop specific skills to work with engaged couples.

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